Service to the community : Free clinic by the catholic nurses

The Guild can enrich the nurse's life both spiritually and professionally and at the same time to lead a happy family life.

In the life of a Catholic nurse, there is no room for regrets, sadness, sympathy, sorrow or gloom, at home, in the hospital or out at the rural health clinics and no matter what the task may be. God is close to the nurses.

Love is service and service is Joy.

To help members to reflect and discern on how to behave as Christians in any situation.
To gain knowledge on sharing experiences by attending seminars.
To become a moral reference point for those who take action
To assist members in living up to their professional responsibilities
To assist members in decision making processes pertinent to their profession.

Our Vision is to commit ourselves to evangelize through the Ministry of Caring-a path to health and healing.
Our Mission is to participate in Christ's loving, caring and saving mission of bringing compassion and relief to the suffering, the sick, the elderly and the marginalized.
Our Commitment is to move forward offering love and caring services to every patient in need regardless of religion, race, color and language.