The Guild was formed in 1947 in Alor Star with 5 nurses and registered as "The Catholic Nurses' Guild of Malaya". (CNG Malaya). The Catholic Nurses were encouraged to come together, enabling them to pray and remain close to God through the giving of moral and spiritual support. It started with five members and today we have over 800 members throughout Malaysia in hospitals clinics , private hospitals, colleges and universities.

The quarterly magazine " The Catholic Nurse" was published in 1949. In 1950 CNG Malaya became a full member of CICIAMS ( International Committee of Catholic Nurses and Medical Social Assistants) based in Brussels. The first Nurses Day was celebrated in Johore Bahru in May 1951.

In 1969 Singapore and Malaysia were separated as two nations. This resulted in the formation of "CNG Malaysia" registered as a national society with the Government and approval by the Bishops Conference of Malaysia and Singapore. " The Catholic Nurse" magazine was discontinued and was replaced by " Berita CNG" a quarterly newsletter.

Fr Andrew Volle MEP former chaplain with Francisca Malantin
the present CNG President at the Assumption Church, PJ on 8.06.08

In 1971, CNG(M) was admitted as a full member of CICIAMS. AGM together with nursing seminars and retreat were conducted annually in different town each year. From 1980 to 1990 CNG (M) conducted training courses for its members on Natural Family Planning as Teachers, Leaders and Users as every nurse should know her own fertility pattern. Together with a group of trained NFP Teachers in Penang, an association of NFPSM (Natural Family Planning Service of Malaysia) was formed.

Silver Jubilee was celebrated in 1973 in KL, Golden Jubilee in 1997 in Sibu, Diamond Jubilee in Miri, 2007