The Goals of Catholic Nurses Guild of Malaysia

It focuses on Spiritual, Professional and Social 
Short term goal : Evaluated after 5 years (2009 - 2011)
Long term goal : Evaluation depends on the achievements of the short term goals  ( continuous )
Spiritual (2009 -2011)
  1. The catholic doctrines and values : talk on Catholic doctrines in Kuching (41st AGM 2010 )
  2. Renewal of our Catholic faith : life in the spirit seminar in Tawau (40AGM 2009)
  1. Continuous professional development (focus on the theme of the international nurses day by ICN
  2. Legal and ethical issues
  1. Community services e.g. health assessment of women/man and children
  2. Health Education
  3. Pastoral care of Catholic Nurses and Students
  4. Pilgrimage
Long term Goal ( continuous )
  1. Networking with health agencies
  2. Study Tours
  3. Group choir competition
  4. Recruitment of members
  5. Individual Group to plan for the task for members ( nursing seminar and retreat )
  6. Prayer and discernment - monthly meeting
  7. Render holistic care to patients