Eulogy for Sir Richard Lai


After my mother passed away, my dad and I grew very close. We travelled the world to Catholic Nurses and Catholic Pharmacists functions. It was during these wonderful years that I learnt of the man that he was. He became my confidante and my friend.

Through his work as International President for CICIAMS, dad was knighted by the Pope in 1990. Yet, he remained a humble and simple man. He had the greatest respect and love for Fr Volle, who shared his passion to promote the spiritual welfare of nurses around the world.

In addition, he (and my late mom) were also the pioneer members to promote the Billings Ovulation Method and were involved in other church activities.

My father also helped set up the Catholic Pharmacists Association of Malaysia. That was his legacy to me – so that the spiritual welfare of pharmacists would also be looked after.

On 2 March 2011, dad had a stroke and fell down the stairs at home. He was bedridden for 10 days and passed away due to his long term history of liver failure. Dad was such an independent and active man. He would have been miserable had he lived in that state longer. Mercifully, God called him home after 10 days from the stroke.

My father’s greatest wish was to see that the work of the Catholic Nurses Guild, the Catholic Pharmacists Association of Malaysia and the Natural Fertility Awareness Society of Malaysia should continue after he has passed on. We will carry on. Thank you dad, for your leadership and vision. We are glad that you are now together with mom. You will be missed by many, and most of all by your daughter. Rest in peace. We love you.

By: Pauline Lai

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