DAY 1 - 5th September 2018

01 Keynote 1 - Cardinal Peter Turkson
02 Keynote 2 - Prof. Datu Dr. Andrew Kiyu
03 Round table 1(1) - Janet Muchengwa
04 Round table 1(2) - Maria Luisa Alvarez Ledezma
05 Round table 1(3) - Rosalind Okoobo
06 Round table 1(4) - Janet Chong

Day 2 - 6th September 2018

01 Plenary 1 - Fr. Thomas Nairn
02 Plenary 2 - Dr. Theresa Cheong
03 Plenary 3 - Tshidi Morigitiane
04 Roundtable 2(1) - Susan McGoldrick
05 Round Table 2(2) - Dr. Marian Nowak
06 Round table 2(3) - Dr Gcinile Buthelezi Swaziland 6th September - edited
07 Round Table 2(4) - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sidiah John Siop
08 Extra CNG Thailand - Assist. Prof. Dr. Suwanna

Day 3 -7th September 2018

01 Plenary 4 - Dr Patricia Sayers
02 Round Table 3(1) - Anne Kabimba
03 Round Table 3(2) - Maria de Jesus Arzabala
04 Round Table 3(3) - Sarla Macwan
05 Poetry Reading - Bridget Eu
06 CICIAMS XX Congress Summary


Greetings from the Executive Committee of the Catholic Nurses Guild Malaysia!

We will be hosting the CICIAMS XX World Congress on the 4th to the 7th September, 2018.
(CICIAMS is the Acronym for International Committee of Catholic Nurses and Medico Social Assistants.)
The Venue of the Congress will be The Riverside Majestic Hotel Kuching Sarawak.
The Theme for the Congress is :Education for Sustainable Health: Engaging Development, Respecting Life.

We will be expecting delegates from throughout Malaysia and from the CICIAMS member countries which consists of 5 regions, they are:

  1. The English Speaking African region.
  2. The French Speaking African Region.
  3. England and Wales
  4. Asian Region.
  5. USA.

The speakers will share international and regional perspectives on pertinent issues that have been identified by CICIAMS professional committee and the professional committee of Catholic Nurses Guild Malaysia.

We welcome you to this prestigious CICIAMS XX World Congress. All delegates are requested to bring items for the solidarity sales, proceeds from the sale will go to CICIAMS Solidarity fund, we thank you for your generosity.

Please note that the members of the Catholic Nurses Guild Malaysia will hold their Annual General Meeting as follows:

Date :    8th September, 2018
Venue : St Joseph's Parish Kuching.
Time :    10am to 2pm ( Lunch in between)

City tour will be arranged for members and friends by the Lundu group after the Annual General Meeting.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

God Bless you.


Yours sincerely,

Francisca Malantin
President, Catholic Nurses Guild Malaysia

Josslyn Yeoh
Vice President
Catholic Nurses Guild Malaysia.

Anna Nasef
Vice President
Catholic Nurses Guild Malaysia.

Rev. Fr Aloysius Fidelis,
National Chaplain,
Catholic Nurses Guild Malaysia.

Rt. Rev. Bishop Cornelius Sim,
Commission for Pastoral Healthcare,
Bishops Conference Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

Love and service

5 June CICIAMS Intermediate program_updated