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Sir Richard Lai has been a great inspiration to me, having known him all my nursing life. He sees the potential in each and everyone of us. It is no wonder that he is well known nationally and internationally because of his great contribution to Catholic nurses Guild worldwide and to CICIAMS. Your Life has been greatly Blessed by the Lord, Rest in Peace Sir Richard. We Love You.

- Francisca Malantin

I got to know Sir Richard , through CNG activities.
He was always guiding , grooming, inspiring, encouraging us. The
last time i saw him was at the CNG annual dinner in Kuching, he was a little
frail then, doing presentation promoting CNG. I am amazed at his zeal
and enthusiasm and admire him greatly.
i missed his presence last year at the CNG annual dinner in kuching as he was not fit to travel.
Now he ( i never called him 'Sir Richard', he is always my dear friend and mentor, Richard) has gone back toGod the fatherand be with his wife and eldest daughter.
i can imagine Jesus welcoming him , saying to him : well done, my
good and faithful friend...

- Mary Lu

May Richard rest in Peace. His great work in Nursing and the Catholic Nurses Guilds will be remembered always! We will pray for the family, esp Pauline and family members so that the loss and suffering can be softened!

Love in Christ,

- Angel Lee, on behalf of HKCNG

Dear Francisca
it is with sadness that we, the CNG of Singapore recieved the news of Sir Richard's demise.
He was a great leader, working and promoting our causes for us Asian Catholic nurses in CICIAMS; we have lost a good friend indeed
We will offer a Mass for him inSingapore
Warm regards
- Susan Loh

Thanks Fransisca, He was one of thegreat and very committed persons I have ever known.

- Henny, Bernadethe Marheni Luan. Indonesia

Thank you for sending this sad new about our beloved and dedicated CICIAMS member, Sr. Richard Lai. Our Lord surely opened his arms and welcomed him into heaven. CICIAMS members will remember him in our prayers.

Thank you for Pauline's e-mail address.


- Marylee Meehan. International President of CICIAMS