Monthly Archives: January 2007

In an effort to respond to the Holy Father's call to promote a culture of friendship and unity among the people of God, the Catholic Nurses Guild of Malaysia had launched a website for all Catholic Nurses in Malaysia since 2007 Pope Benedict XVI has invited us all to communicate in a new way, the digital way. 

As the world is connected through the internet for instant transmission of information catholic nurses have to step forward so that we can be everywhere and reach everyone in our goal to serve the sick in our community with compassion and love. 

Pope John Paul II with Richard at the Vatican 1990
Pope John Paul II with Richard at the Vatican 1990

CNG website is focusing towards the student nurses, young nurses and the not so young catholic nurses who are ever thirsty for knowledge, information in upgrading their nursing profession according to the Church doctrines.

This website gives the catholic nurses the opporunity to search for information which normally could not have been possible a decade ago. This website enables you to link directly to the Vatican the local churches and globally.

Other useful links are Malaysian Catholic Media ( and other catholic health care organizations like Catholic Doctors and Catholic Laywers Associations of Malaysia. Check them out especially The website has something for everyone young and old, happy surfing and check out the links on the link page.

by Richard Lai